Solution for Vertigo problems

Vertigo is symptoms not a disease

Solution for Vertigo problems

  • The chair is an innovative gadget recently designed, developed and introduced to use as Non Invasive technique, not available anywhere in the country for rehabilitation of vertigo cases, who have not been benefited by consuming anti-vertiginous drugs for many months, years may be associated with Nausea & Imbalance.
  • After many special investigations there is no positive finding may be difficult to find out the exact cause but the organ affected is the vestibular systems and so the vestibular habituation is the only source of treatment as it is known in the literature. Solution for Vertigo problems
  • Chair effectiveness on patient with the drug have not been experimentally tried may be in feature.
  • Patient undergoes various investigations such as X-Ray, MRI brain, Audiometry BERA and inpedanpa, eye & neurological testing etc.., but finds no abnormality.
  • Giddiness may be due to diabetic or hypertension or cervical spondylosis or migraine related but the organ affected is vestibular system.
  • Usually patient would have consumed drugs like Vertin, Stugeron, Stemetil or Betahistine all these are only cortical suppression/ suppressant inducing drowsiness giving only a temporary relief.
  • Vestibular system can only be simulated only by rotary & linear acceleration but not by any drugs.
  • A different exercise is suggested by doctors only brings muscular coordination & no effective treatment for vertigo.
  • Pilots are trained in this procedure to bring habituation so that they do not feel the giddiness in the space. Where they get habituated why not population suffering from giddiness be treated.

The main physiological aspect in this is acquisition, retention & transfer effect. This varies from individual to individual.

How the Chair is useful for treating the vertigo patient:

Solution for Vertigo problems

  • Useful in patients suffering from vomiting, nausea & also imbalance.
  • It eliminate rotary feeling due to constant rotation simulating all 3 semi circular canal.
  • Main aim of this chair is to avoid or minimise taking of the drugs & eliminate giddiness.
  • Study shows a minimum of 4 weeks required to get adopted.
  • It is non invasive technic.
  • Chair is useful to conduct varies research activities specially at medical colleges & labs.
  • This chair trial can be trained for children who has fear of height cerebral palsy & also mentally retired children’s.
  • People with travel sickness or sea sickness can also be treated (optokinetics disturbance or oculogravic illusion).
  • Use this chair for diagnostic purpose to record ENG & VNG rotation or research studies.
  • If no drugs are exercise are benefited this chair is only the answer specially for BPPV patients (BPPV – Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo).
Solution for Vertigo problems

Concept Designed by

Dr. B N Pranesha Rao

Prof. In Audiology (Rtd)
Institute of Aerospace Medicine, IAF.
National & State Awardee.

Vertigo Therapy

■ 12-15 days therapy.
■ 30 min. / day.
■ All Vertigo related to Vestibular system can be rehabilitated.