What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is the feeling that you're moving when you're not, or it might feel like things around you are moving when they aren't.
Vertigo is similar to motion sickness. Vertigo can be caused by central nervous system i.e, central vertigo or the inner ear i.e, peripheral vertigo.

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Causes of Vertigo

It is difficult to derive an exact causative factor, hence the line of treatment and management including surgical management have been resorted to, whether might be the probable cause like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cervical spondylosis.
The main organ involved is the VESTIBULAR SYSTEM .

Vertigo treatment has been all along a challenge to all medicals professionals, more so for an Otolaryngologist.

Diagnosis of Vertigo

Many diseases can cause dizziness, especially diseases that involve poor circulation and low blood pressure. The first step of a diagnosis is a complete medical checkup.

Audiometry is a thorough test of various hearing abilities. A device that measures eye movements in various situations, an electronystagmograph, provides clues about the nature of the problem. In platform posturography, you stand on a movable platform and your responses to movement are recorded.

Solution for Vertigo problems

An excellent indigenous attempt has been made in designing and fabrication of a rotary chair with high technology mechanism to operate for treatment and rehabilitation of vertigo cases.

Vertigo Therapy

■ 12-15 days therapy.
■ 30 min. / day.
■ All Vertigo related to Vestibular system can be rehabilitated.

Concept Designed by

Dr. B N Pranesha Rao

Prof. In Audiology (Rtd)
Institute of Aerospace Medicine, IAF.
National & State Awardee.

Benefits of Vertigo Rotary Chair

  • Vertigo Rotary Chair is more beneficial for treating vertigo (giddiness) and imbalance without any drugs.
  • Non invasive treatment.
  • Vertigo Rotary Chair can be used for habituation for clinical trials as a diagnostic tool.
  • Vertigo Rotary Chair can be used for treating people having fear of heights.
  • Sea sickness and Travel sickness patients can also be treated.
  • More effective than medication as it treats the source problem.

Advantages of Vertigo Rotary Chair

  • Simple equipment and easy to handle.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Torsion movement (swing)
  • ENG can be carried out during rotation for accurate diagnostic.

Vertigo Treatment Made Easy

Medi Precitech Systems wants to bring this innovative technology to the mass by refining and making the design production ready.